Prepping for (little) Bajram

My host mom and our neighbor (whose name i've never really picked up) are in the kitchen half of the living room making some hard core bachlava right now. I'm sure my host brother regrets letting me use the computer now since i've been on for a while, but to appease, i uploaded my photos to the computer. about half of them are of ferxhan, potential profile pictures on whatever european equivalent to facebook he uses. it makes me laugh to click through the pictures on my camera. there are a few of me and razije, me and nuraj, all three of us together, all while i have my hands in gook, or dough as some would call it. we were making peta. after the legitimate pictures, there are usually about 7 pictures of ferxhan in various gangsta poses. then some more group pictures, then some gangsta and so on.

We went visiting last night in Kumanovo and we visited a couple who have been to our house before. the wife is distantly related to my mom and the husband is more closely related to mitat's father. i was ambivalent to going since this is my last weekend spent in romanovce and i like the 10 minute snippets of car rides. i especially like when my mom drives cause she goes about 30 km an hour, aka 18 mph. it draws out the car ride fun.

the husband speaks german and we have talked before, but for the life of me, when i think of german, i find myself blurting out albanian words. i guess thats good in a way. he put on german satellite tv for me, but it was kind of like watching tv at home with my dad. he wouldn't leave it on one channel, and of course the channel that did stay on the longest was never one that i really liked. i was grateful for the reprieve from albanian music videos, instead, i watched the ema music performaces 2008, featuring the original work of Pink, Duffy and the Killers. that was sarcasm, by the way. that shows how sick of the rap music videos i am.

oh and i got to watch tila tequila in german subtitles and have to feel completely embarassed about my culture for half an hour.

i'm going to relinquish the computer now.

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