O Camden.

Courtesy of Rutgers Security:
The student reported that he had parked his vehicle on the 200 block of Elm Street, and began to walk South on 3rd Street towards Rutgers.
A white male, 6'2", with thin build, baggy blue jeans, tattoo of the state of N.J. on right hand and #1 Dad on the left hand was walking towards him. The unknown suspect began speaking to the student and asked if he could have $20 to buy drugs. The student stated that he had no money. The suspect then stated that he had a knife.
After several attempts to get money from ATM machines the suspect left the student. The student was not injured. The suspect was later located and with the assistance of the student was charged with robbery.

the nj state tattoo is my favorite part really.

I think Goce would have a lot o' fun writing security emails for Rutgers Camden.