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Married To The Sea

maybe not so relevant for this blog, since im in macedonia and all, but for those who knew the last one... yeah. my apologies.


Jonathan said...

Hey Heidi,

Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays since you and Rene don't have the luxary of being home for them as I do.

I hope you are enjoying yourself over there.

Take care,


Brigid said...

Your Blog is saweeeett. Too bad I took mine down earlier in the week, but thanks for the shout out anyway. I appresh.

Kait said...

Heidster! What's up with your life in the donia of mace?

Anonymous said...

Wah ha! Love the Married to the Sea Comic, very apropos. I would leave a longer comment but you're on your way over so...just know that I have the deer blankie ready for ya!