ready to go

ive been on fire this week getting stuff done so i can have a care-free time in america and also not come home to a disgustingly cluttered, dirty apartment. there is nothing worse to me than getting back from an awesome trip and finding that my house is a total mess. ive even cleaned the drains with vinegar and baking soda. the cleaning frenzy extended to my digital environment as well. i reformatted my computer and organized my external HD into folders that MAKE SENSE TO PEOPLE BESIDES ME! i feel like i can conquer the world now.

the spa project is all set to be wrapped up. my parts are done. when i get back, we have the last seminar and its gotovo. i will be really happy to have that finished.

i met up with afrim for coffee to discuss getting back into tutoring in Albanian and starting up some other activities, which gives me positive things to look forward to when i come back.

the last task on my list is a gosti with nikolinka the landlady. she saw me yesterday and i told her about my trip. i think she said to come by sometime because she wants me to practice macedonian and to give me something for my parents-i believe said a liter or so of rakija. my parents are racking up presents from strangers! the president of shpresa gave me something for them too. im pretty sure my parents arent going to be huge fans of the rakija, but i think i know some other people who would be...

i find it amusing that i will celebrate my year mark in macedonia on my first day back in the us.

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Brigid said...

But, I am oh so happy that you are celebrating the 1 year mark in the U.S.