Hello Skopje!

I found out today that I am in the dual language program. I am really excited about my post and my location. I will be in Skopje for the majority of my peace corps service, following my homestay, which I will find out about tomorrow. I think I was supposed to keep that under wraps, but I guess Macedonian culture is getting to me already, I couldn't help telling other trainees who asked why I wouldn't stop smiling.

So, once I learn enough Albanian, I'll finally know what the songs on my Rratje e Pristine CD are all about, the cd i bought in Kosovo 2.5 years earlier.

We have a big celebration tomorrow when we meet our host families. There will be folk dancing involved- totally can't wait. I really honestly am excited to meet them. I want to know if everything I've heard about Macedonian familial ties and hospitality is true. Goce (sounds like Goat-say (reddit crowd- dont dwell on that one too long))the security staff leader was saying that there are no alarms or ID swipe type situations in Macedonia because your family and friends (which can be the entire community) act as your safeguard. You need to integrate into your community as a safety measure; your family and your connections protect you. I'm not sure how i feel about that, since I will have no private life for the next 2.5 years, but if its sincere I think it will be wonderful.

I'm going to stop for now, its another impromptu entry. I wanted to visit the cafe one more time before homestay, since I dont know when ill be online again.


Anonymous said...

With 2 languages you'll have to double penetrate the 2 cultures!

kait said...

Hi Heidi! I'm glad that you got the double post. You seem really excited... Hope the homestay goes great. Can't wait to hear stories about how your Macedonian/Albanian peeps keep you safe. :-)