Night Before, Well no, Morning Of.

i had every intention of jazzing up this blog before departure but lo and behold, it is 6 hours until check out and its still looking pretty blah.

staging is complete, me and Macedonia are separated by a bus ride to JFK, a 9 hour plane ride, some (im)patient waiting and a final 2 hour plane ride.

im proud of myself for already stepping beyond my comfort zone named Rene and making friends with over volunteers of all ages. I had lunch with Michael and Phil today, along with some of the other younguns. Dinner morphed from "ughh head cold, i want pizza and early bed time" into "Hey Ladies lets go to City Tavern". I'm glad i went before leaving dear ol' Philadelphia. I wish my parents would have gone, they would have liked it. I had some fantastic Fleishkaese (City Tavern is celebrating Oktoberfest!) with some of the older ladies that I ended up with at the end of the day (Cheryl, Jennifer and ________. Names are not my forte)

Frantic laundering ensued on return to the hotel.

Had pleasant chat with Sarita and am excited about future mail!

Strange, confusing argument made me a wreck right up until now, 1:58am.

At this point, my roommate Anna and I are up packing, she's making the most of her Coloradian time diferrence and remaining hours of having a working cell phone. The TV is stuck on informercials for Flower Power, a CD collection of 175 songs from the 60s and 70s. I would almost want it, for the Jefferson Airplane.

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